Why Everol is the Best

Handmade Since 1958

Everols are hugely popular wherever men pursue fish weighing 500 to 2000 lbs. We have bigger, thicker, stronger drags that last 3 to 10 times longer than some of our competitors. Plus, Everol’s proprietary Drag Scale gives hardcore fishermen an undeniable advantage in catching world record class game fish.


Everol is an Italian company that has built exquisite, finely machined lever drag reels since 1958 when the company started building reels that were up to the task of battling the giant bluefin tuna of the Mediterranean. Everol’s reels are built with only the best, most anti-corrosive materials to withstand the rigors of big-game fishing and the insidious saltwater environment. But what really sets Everol apart from its competition is the unique and unrivaled Everol drag system. Everol has incorporated this system into their reels for those serious about fishing!

Everol is truly a legendary name in sport fishing and will continue to be for many years to come. Everol reels definitely deliver the kind of value and performance that is demanded by those who ply the offshore waters in search of big game fish.



Why Everol is the Best


Our proprietary Drag Scale gives fisherman a huge advantage in fighting big fish. “Line Drag Management” is now scientific, not guesswork.


Everols are upscale and hand-crafted in Italy.


Everol compares to its ‘volume’ competitors the same way Ferrari compares to Ford or GM.


A single 1,000 pound fish can burn up our competitor’s reels.Everols can last years under similar conditions.


Everol drag discs use the same carbon fiber material that Ferrari uses in its brake systems.


Everol offers a 2 year warranty instead of the 1 year industry standard warranty.


Everol strongholds are locations like South Africa, Australia and South America where 500 to 1500 pound fish are regularly caught.


The design is simple. Fewer parts mean fewer things to break. A 12 year old boy could disassemble and re-assemble a Special series reel…without instructions or a schematic.


Everol reels are a favorite of commercial operators because they last so long.


Heat is the enemy of all machinery. Everols have internal drag plates which have fins. At high rpm the reels are forced air cooled to more quickly dissipate heat and prolong drag life.


Everols use marine grade aluminum, not aircraft grade aluminum. Corrosion and fatigue end the service life of 98% of aircraft.


The same basic design has been used for 50 years. So you can still get parts for a reel made in the 1960′s. Trying getting a part for a competitor’s reel if it is more than 10 years old.


Everol offers over 44 models and is one of the few manufacturers to still offer 1 speed reels in all sizes and in Left handed versions.


Some orders may take 3-8 weeks to fill. This is because when you invest in an Everol, a ‘man’ will make ‘your’ reel for ‘you’.


Same classic old school design and look since 1958.

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