“I bought a 1970’s Everol off of EBay. I was too lazy to rebuild it or even put new line on it. It caught 3 yellowfin tuna in the 90-120 pound range and was a smooth as any of our brand new reels.”
John Y., Orange Beach, AL

“I had a choice between spending $650 for a Shimano or Penn or spending couple hundred more for an Everol. I need my gear to last for several years so I went with the Everol investment. So glad I did.”
Kenneth E., Mobile, AL

“Our team has earned over $300,000 in prizes using your reels. Some of those fish we could have landed using another reel, but some of those fish never would have made it to the weigh station had we not been using Everol. Thank you!”
Mike D., Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“They are F@#&ing AWESOME!”
Kyle B., Baton Rouge, LA

“I really did use these with my grandfather and have exclusively used the Everol Special for more than 40 years.”
Jeffrey T., Boston, MA

“In Hawaii we catch big tuna and marlin in little boats and you need a powerful reel to do it safely. Everol is #1.”
Jarrod P., Kailua, HI

“In competitive land-based shark fishing tournaments you are wasting your time unless you have an Everol 14/0 or 18/0. No one matches their line capacity and no one can touch their toughness. Everols are battle wagons.”
Pete F., Miami, FL

“They are a little more expensive, but they are 100% worth it. You get what you pay for.”
Stephen C., Newport News,VA

“We use Penn reels 361 days per year for our charter customers.Then for the big money tournament once a year, we pull out our Everol reels when our own money is on the line.”
Charter in the Florida Keys- Name withheld by request.