Unorthodox Pricing Model

Unorthodox Pricing Model

“Everols never go ‘On Sale’ and are not discounted. Our reels cost the
same regardless of where you buy them.”

Everols are not inexpensive and we do not apologize for it. Our prices are fair for what you receive and for how long the reels last. Manufacturers are constantly tempted by the allure of making their fishing tackle cheaper. Some of our competitors have fallen for this temptation. Everols are built with thick marine grade aluminum, heavy anodizing, stainless steel, and the same carbon fiber Ferrari racing cars use in the their advanced braking systems.

Pricing Policy :

You do not have to worry about buying an Everol from your favorite local tackle store and then finding it on the internet or EBay for $100 less. We charge a fair price and it is the same price no matter where you buy it.

Everol charges a fair price for a superior product. Once a fisherman does his research and decides on an investment grade reel like an Everol, the last thing he should be concerned about is searching for days hoping to find the lowest price.

We also instituted this policy as a sign of loyalty to our dealers. Reputable tackle stores want your final decision to come down to selection and customer service. They do not want to lose good customers because somebody selling reels out of the trunk of his car is willing to cut his price to make a quick sale.